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红麴椰香黑芝麻燕菜月饼(Red Yeast Rice with Coconut Milk Jelly Mooncake)

After making the Blue Pea with Coconut Milk Jelly Mooncake the other day, I had to find a way to use up the extra jelly filling. The solution came in the form of another jelly mooncake recipe: this Red Yeast Rice  with Coconut Milk Jelly Mooncake!


To make the mooncake look prettier, I tweaked the recipe slightly and changed the blue-pea juice into a red yeast rice mixture. The effect is satisfyingly beautiful.

红麴椰香黑芝麻燕菜月饼(Red Yeast Rice with Coconut Milk Jelly Mooncake)


250毫升 水
100克 红萝卜,切块后煮熟
1茶匙 燕菜粉   
50克 幼糖
1克 盐

1。   将煮熟红萝卜和水一起用搅拌机打成萝卜汁,过滤,再和其他材料一起倒入锅里煮滚,熄火后倒入制作冰块的小圆模内,待凝固扣出便是燕菜蛋黄。


Jelly egg yolk ingredients:
yields 20pcs

250g water
100g carrot, diced and cooked
1tsp agar-agar powder
50g sugar
1g salt

Method : 
1.  Add cooked carrot and water into a blender, blend well and sift. Cook with the other ingredients in a pot until it boils. Remove from flame and pour the mixture into a jelly egg yolk mould. Once it has solidified, remove from mould.



(A) 1 茶匙  燕菜粉
       50克 幼糖
       75毫升浓 浓椰浆
      125毫升 清水

(B) 1 茶匙 黑芝麻粉

1。 将材料(A)倒入锅里煮滚,加入(B)拌均匀即成内馅液,熄火待用

2。 将少许内馅倒入小杯里,稍微凝固加入1粒燕菜蛋黄,再倒入内馅至盖满蛋黄,待凝固后取出修饰边缘,待用


Filling :
yields 8pcs
(A) 1tsp agar-agar powder
      50g castor sugar
      75ml concentrated coconut milk
      125ml water

(B) 1tsp black sesame seeds powder 

 Method : 
1. Boil ingredients (A) in a pot, then add in (B) and mix evenly to form the filling liquid. Remove from flame.

2. Pour a little filling liquid into a small cup/bowl. When it has solidify slightly, add a jelly egg yolk, then pour in more filling batter until it covers the jelly egg yolk. When it has solidified completely, remove from cup/bowl.


1/2汤匙  燕菜粉
60克 幼糖
1/8茶匙  盐
150毫升 浓椰浆
450毫升 清水

20毫升 红麴粉汁(1/2茶匙 红麴粉+ 20毫升水)

1。 皮料(A)倒入锅里煮滚,篼出200毫升保留白色,其余加入(B)料拌均匀成红色,熄火过滤

2。 将(1)红色皮料倒少许在模型,稍微凝固,倒入少许(1)的白色皮料,植入1粒内馅,待凝固,再倒入(1)红色皮料填满

3。 待做法(2)完成后,收入冰箱冷藏。

Jelly skin:

yields 4pcs
(A)1/2tbsp agar-agar powder
      60g castor sugar
      1/8tsp salt 
      150ml concentrated coconut milk
      450ml water

(B) 10ml red yeast rice mixture (1/2tsp red yeast rice powder + 10ml water)

 Method : 
1. Boil ingredients (A) in a pot, then scoop out 200ml to maintain its white color. Add in (B) to the remainder to form a red mixture. Remove from flame and sieve.

2. Pour a little red mixture into the jelly mooncake mould. When it has solidify slightly, pour in a little white mixture and add in a filling. When the white layer has solidified, pour in more red mixture until it covers the filling. When it has solidified completely, store the jelly mooncake in a fridge.

It may have changed from a beautiful blue to a sweet pink, but the tastiness is just the same. Delicious aroma of the coconut milk mingling with the taste of black sesame, enhanced by the cooling and chewy texture makes this another irresistible jelly mooncake.

@@@@@ Enjoy ! @@@@@

I am submitting this post to Best Recipes For Everyone August Event : Mooncakes hosted by XuanHom's Mom Kitchen Diary.


  1. 好美丽的jelly月饼。舍不得吃呢。

  2. 颜色很柔,我喜欢。。。O(∩_∩)O

  3. I say, Aunty Young! I am admiring your very beautiful jelly mooncakes. They are truly a work of art, the colour combination and everything! Eh, can have one ah? hee..hee...

  4. So sweet and pretty. I especially like the last one, gorgeous mold.

  5. 哇哇哇!好美的粉色月饼呢!妳说妳说。。。怎么舍得切开来呢?

  6. Hi Aunty Young, lovely pretty petal colour of your coconut milk jelly mooncakes .... last pic simply gorgeous!

  7. Ooo...yumm..yumm..yumm... looks so good ! Wish I stay nearer. >o<


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