港式猪肠粉(Hong Kong style Rice Flour Rolls)

Hong Kong Style Rice Flour Rolls -- a must every time one visits a dim sum restaurant. The rice rolls are usually served with prawn or roasted pork fillings. My family prefers the prawn rice rolls.

However, since we have some roasted pork remaining after making Roasted Pork Rice and Roasted Pork Pau, I decided to make Roasted Pork Rice Rolls anyway. Maybe because it was homemade, the rice rolls taste really good.

食谱参考:Rice bowl tales

( 做7 - 8 條  )
粘米粉 125克
馬蹄粉 25克
澄粉 25克
生油  25毫升
鹽 5克
清水 600毫升

8" x 11"烤盘2个

- 叉烧 50克,切成薄片小丁方

  1. 所有材料放进大碗里( 除清水外 ),然后水分 3 次加入与粉逐渐拌勻至滑,成稀粉漿。过筛 3 次,放在一旁待用。
  2. 用大煲或蒸笼,注入适量水。把水烧开。
  3. 烤盘涂油,搅勻粉漿,用杓盛粉漿至量杯內量 150 ml 的粉漿,倒入烤盘,随喜欢加入馅料,可用手指把粉漿推到四边方角去填满。
  4. 将虾仁或叉烧粒排在一旁偏 1/3 左右的位置,好方便蒸好猪肠粉時可以包卷进去。
  5.  盖密大火蒸6分钟不能多不能少,蒸過火的粉皮会变糊。打开盖時会看見一些漲起的小水泡,但会随即平伏下来。 
  6. 将蒸好粉皮的盘暂置一旁待涼。把另一只烤盘重复以上 4. 5. 6. 三个步驟蒸第二张粉皮。記着每次用汤勺盛起粉漿前都要再搅勻一次。
  7. 胶刮板抹少許油,从烤盘旁边把蒸好稍涼的粉皮卷起,慢慢卷成肠粉即可。继续至所有粉漿用完。期间要檢查,水低了要注进滚水。
  8. 卷叉烧肠時,有叉烧在上的那部份皮可能会破烂,只要一只手小心要用胶刮板刀从底部推铲,另一只手轻轻扶着转动,用沒破的粉皮包卷盖着即可。如用较大的胶刮板卷粉皮会更为方便。
细砂糖 2汤匙
滚水 12汤匙
熟油 1汤匙
生抽 2汤匙
老抽 1/2 汤匙 
- 将以上所有材料搅拌均匀即成酱汁。 

虾米 1汤匙(浸过绞碎,别太烂)
- 干锅下虾米,中火炒干虾米,加入巴拉煎辣椒酱,小火炒至干即可。

Cut the pastry along the middle and roll the pastry towards the center to make 2 rice rolls.
Homemade Rice Flour Rolls
Recipe adapted from : Rice bowl tales

Ingredients for the batter
( makes 7 - 8 rolls )
125g rice flour
25g water chestnut flour
25g wheat starch
25ml oil
5g salt
600ml water
2 8" x 11" baking trays

- Diced 50g roasted pork into thin and small pieces.
- 100g prawns, peeled, de-veined and washed. Marinated with a little salt, white pepper, sugar, sesame oil and corn flour. Put on a plate to steam for a few minutes till cooked, leave to one side.

 1. Put all ingredients except the water into a large bowl. Add water in 3 successions to mix really well with all the flour and starch. Mix until a thin and smooth batter is formed. Strain the batter through a sieve three times before leaving it aside to rest.
2. Fill a big pan or a steamer with about 3 inches of water and bring to boil.
3. Lightly grease a tray. Stir the batter well and measure out 150 ml of batter to pour into the tray. Add any filling of your choice. You can use your fingers to push the batter to fill the corners. Place the prawn or roasted pork to one side for easy rolling purpose.
4. Place the tray in the steamer and put the lid on. Steam over high heat for 6 minutes. Pay attention at all times, or the steamed rice pastry will become soggy. When opening the lid, the pastry would have some large rising air pockets, but they will settle back down almost immediately.
5. Leave the baking tray with the steamed rice flour pastry to one side, and proceed to put batter into another tray by repeating steps 3 to 4 to steam another rice flour roll pastry. Remember to stir the batter well each time before ladling it into the tray.
6. Lightly grease the dough cutter, carefully lift the steamed rice flour pastry up from the tray and slowly roll it up. Carry on until all the batter has been finished. Fill the pan with water again as needed.
7. When rolling up the rice pastry with the roasted pork in it, you may find the pastry tears quite easily. Just use the dough cutter to gently scrape and lift it up, helped by the other hand to quickly roll it up. Using a larger dough cutter would also help lift the steamed rice pastry out better. 

Sweet soy sauce for rice flour rolls:
2tbsp sugar 
12tbsp boiling water 
1tbsp  cooked oil 
2 tbsp Light Soy Sauce 
1/2 tbsp Dark Soy Sauce 
- Mix everything well together to produce a sweet soy sauce .  

Sambai dried shrimp

2tbsp sambai chilli
1tbsp dried shrimp(soaked and mashed)

- Fry the shrimps over medium flame until dry, then add in the sambal chilli and stir-fry over a low flame until a paste is formed.

It tastes even better when eaten with some Chinese cabbage. Much more sweeter, with an added crunch to it!

The tastiness of the soft and smooth rice rolls really gets enhanced by the savory gravy and sambai dried shrimp. This is a marvelous dish indeed!

@@@@@ Enjoy ! @@@@@

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  1. Aunty Young, you are so rajin to make this chee cheong fun! Sedap leh!

  2. Adui,口水猛流像瀑布咯!><丨

  3. Hi Aunty Young, it's alot of work yet you have made these yummy-licious dim sum Hong Kong style rice flour rolls on par with restaurant standard ! Bravo !

  4. 安迪漾,这猪肠粉每每去点心楼,我也是必点的。。。

  5. 我只要虾仁的不要叉烧的, ok!

  6. 我每次到茶楼一定会点这个猪肠粉,两种馅我都喜欢。。。一定要试试看!这样可以多吃 :D

  7. Looks really authentic! I never failed to order a plate of each flavor whenever I have dimsum!

  8. Aunty Young your rice rolls look very soft and smooth in texture. Made my mouth watered. By the way can I replace the water chestnut flour with mung bean starch? Thanks for sharing.

  9. 不可思议。。你真的太令人不可思议了。。。。连这个也动手做。。。真的。。你可以考虑开茶楼啦。。。偶就每天做客哈

  10. 现在看aunty的照片,就会开始想,这个照片是在哪里一个角落拍摄的,


  11. 喜欢,比外面卖的更吸引人。

  12. 我两种口味的馅料都爱,是大爱啊!

  13. 皮做的挺薄的,很好吃的样子,赞!

  14. HI Aunty Young, keep seeing your beautiful dishes on Facebook & if I wasn't updated my blog, I don't think I will show up on everyone's blog, hahaha, very honest hoh? By the way, we only had this rice flour rolls on the weekend but only store-bought. Aunty Young's one looked much better than what we had here.


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