Tuesday, 22 April 2014

金錢粄 Jin Qian Ban

Jin Qian Ban is a type of Nyonya kuih.
Since it looks like a gold bar,
it is also known as Gold bar Ang Gu Kuih.

Malaysian Chinese like to prepare auspicious food like Ang Gu Kuih, Huat kuih and this Jin Qian Ban,
when they pray.


This long shaped Ang Gu Kuih, 
is easier to eat compared with the traditional type.

食谱参考 Adapted from:Sonia aka Nasi Lemak Lover
 Jin Qian Ban(金錢粄)

split green beans
Sweet Filling
125g split yellow mung beans/green beans                                            

70g sugar
1 and 1/2tbsp corn oil

1. Rinse mung beans several times till the water runs clear, then soak them in clean water for 2 hours.
2. Drain the mung beans and place them on a tray, then steam them over high flame for 30 minutes.
3. While the beans are still hot, place the beans, sugar and oil in a food processor and process till fine.
4. Set aside to cool. Shape into 13g small balls.

Pumpkin skin
150g pumpkin, cut into small pieces( I replaced it with sweet potato)
100g glutinous rice flour
1/2tbsp rice flour
1tbsp sugar
1 and 1/2tbsp corn oil
25g hot boiling water, or adjust accordingly as it depend on pumpkin texture
(due to the lack of water in the potato I increased the water to 100g)
1. Steam pumpkin slices till soft (about 15 mins).
2. Using a fork, mash the cooked pumpkin and set aside to cool.
3. Add glutinous rice flour, rice flour, sugar and corn oil to the mashed pumpkin, slowly add in hot water and mix well till it becomes a soft dough, keep aside and rest 10 mins.
4. Shape into 20g small balls. 

To shape and cook Jin Qian Ban
1. Dust Jin Qian Ban mould or “Ang Ku Kueh” mould w
ith glutinous rice flour for easy removal of the kuih later.
2. Flatten the pumpkin ball and place a mung bean ball on it. Wrap the pumpkin dough around the mung bean ball and shape into a round ball, then roll it into a log.
3. Place the log in the mould, flatten lightly, then knock it out of the mould (to prevent it from breaking when it falls onto the kitchen top, use your hand to hold it) and place the kuih on a greased banana leaf.
4. Arrange the kuih on a tray and steam for 5 minutes over low flame till cooked (do not steam over high flame to prevent it from changing shape). Once done, remove kuih from steamer and lightly brush the surface with corn oil.

Note : For this recipe, you will have a remainder of 8 pcs of filling, thus you have to increase the amount of the dough by half.

mung beans

自从新春期间,看到Sonia家的金钱粄,就bookmark 起来,
During the CNY, I had bookmarked this recipe when I saw it in Sonia's blog. Now that I've finally gotten round to using it, I'd like to thank Sonia for her selfless sharing.



  1. what pretty gold bars you've got there! gonna share with your friends here? ^^

  2. 小巧的糕点,两口就可以吞掉了!!我不曾做过,也应该说我还没有败到这个模子,这是重点!!

  3. 那天妳才说还没开过模子来用,现在已经那么快动手了

  4. 哎哟哟 。。。。。。sos 的时候我正开车过海。事情做完了回到来就看到你的好料登场了。很棒,很棒。

  5. 我要多多金钱。。。。。。粄,哈哈!

  6. Hi Aunty Young, these gold bars are pretty and must be good too. Bookmarked to do as I have this mould.

  7. 很漂亮,因为你的金钱扳,我又要去败家了。。哈哈

  8. 这模子我买了一年都封尘了, 哈哈哈!
    送两个给我, 让我吃了口袋里也有满满的金钱, 嘻嘻!

  9. Oh, you finally did it, Thanks for your shout out.

  10. 给我几条”金条“,谢谢啦!

  11. Aunty Young, I LOVE angku kuih! But so far only eaten the round ones.

  12. 虽然迟了不过还是要来动一下这些金錢粄 ,这麽好意头的糕,来看了後也喜欢带来好运!


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